The Risks of Fat Burners to Teenagers

Teenagers nowadays are even more concerned with their bodies. They get depressed when they see themselves in the mirror and more often than not, become desperate to see results.

That is why they often decide to take fat burners. However, they don’t really look at the fine print and just take them without talking to a doctor.

These can prove to be dangerous, if not fatal, since teenagers are more prone to severe reactions. So before you take any fat burners, make sure you talk to a doctor if they are suitable for you.

Read on for some potential adverse events that might happen in case you decide to take these fat burning supplements.

The risks involved if fat burners are not taken correctly are as follows:

  • A much too rapid heartbeat can become even more pronounced on those who are underage. There are stimulants present in fat burners that will increase the metabolism and the heart rate. If there is an excessive strain on the heart muscle, you will put yourself at risk for a heart attack, even if you are very young.
  • An underage individual may become sleep-challenged when taking fat burners due to the stimulants. Alertness will become enhanced, so natural sleep patterns will become difficult to follow. Healthy regulation of emotions will become problematic and the stress management of young people will cause damage to a teenager’s mental health. Teenagers in school may also suffer the consequences of not enough sleep since going to school will stress out the body and mind further because of lack of rest.
  • bulimic teenagersDepression, low self-esteem and a negative body image can result from overuse of fat burners. These in turn may cause an eating disorder. Diet pill abuse is one of the reasons for bulimic teenagers and those who suffer from anorexia may also take fat burners to help them lose more weight. Potentially risky diet patterns may cause mental and emotional problems that will lead to physical harm as you grow older.
  • Teenagers who are already suffering from anxiety disorders should not use fat burners. Since these supplements have caffeine, you might have the jitters or extreme nervousness. Mood swings might become more frequent, irritability will increase and restlessness without reason may become results of having fat burners.

If you are an adolescent, a teenager or a child and you really want to take fat burners to help you lose weight, talk to an adult you trust first about the health risks that may occur.

You can then go to the doctor with them to discuss the pros and cons even further. Due to the United States Food and Drug Administration not regulating the use of fat burners, they might have a very strong negative effect on your health and life in later years.

It is best to use natural methods like exercise and getting a diet plan from your dietician instead of using a risky maneuver just to make you look good. You have only one body, so take care of it.

Miracle Weight Loss With Raspberry Ketone

You’ve heard so many good things about raspberry ketone from everyone around you and media has been doing a lot of interviews with weight loss experts and celebrity doctors.

Health food stores are hard-pressed to keeping up with all the orders, but before you go line up for it, here are a few things you should know about raspberry ketone.

What Is It?

Raspberry ketone is found in raspberries. It is aromatic and in high doses, can increase the production of adiponectin in the body.

Adiponectin is a protein that supposedly helps to stabilize metabolism and helps to break down stored fat.

You need 90 pounds of raspberries to get the 100 milligrams of raspberry ketone you need to have these changes occur, so it is produced synthetically in laboratories and usually taken as a pill.

What Are The Effects of Raspberry Ketone?

It is believed to be a miraculous way to lose weight. When paired with exercise and a well-planned and balanced diet, it will show physical changes in your body that are nothing short of dramatic.

Raspberry ketone can help burn your stored fat and turn it into energy, so you become more active physically. It hastens blood circulation thus allowing the nutrients the body needs to reach the areas that require them the most, so they are used in the most efficient way.

Furthermore, raspberry ketone can also detoxify and cleanse your body of harmful environmental toxins, so they pass safely through the body and out. It strengthens the immune system so we are better able to fight off and prevent diseases.

How Do You Use Raspberry Ketone?

  • The Amish have always said that the body will efficiently be able to cleanse itself if you take a hot glass of water in the morning after waking up. Add a lemon and it will be even better.
  • Consume a healthy breakfast of fruit and whole grain cereals so that you will have fiber and energy.
  • Take a raspberry ketone pill after your meal.
  • Exercise for at least thirty minutes per day, and make sure you get your heart rate up while you do it.
  • Don’t eat too much at one given meal time. Instead, make sure you eat for five to six small meals a day so that you will feel full and not get the urge to gorge.
  • salad and grilled chickenYour dinner should be of lean protein, like salad and grilled chicken.
  • Do not have midnight snacks three hours prior to bedtime.

All in all, it is still best to pair raspberry ketone with a healthy diet and good exercise routines. Keep your mood up but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Too much of a good thing will definitely be bad for you, so make sure you go your own pace. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get results, because your body might give up and you’ll have more problems to deal with if you continue.

Garcinia Cambogia: Magical Plant To Help With Weight Loss

There’s a new weight loss medication on the market and everyone’s raring to try it. However you have to be a little bit skeptical and suspicious about it before going to a pharmacy to buy and pop it.

There are many things that are dangerous these days but marketed as good stuff just so the manufacturers can earn money. So let’s talk a bit more about Garcinia Cambodia, the plant extract that they say is very effective in helping us lose weight.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambodia?

garcinia cambogiaThe botanical name of this plant is garcinia cambogia or garcinia gummi-gutta, and goes by many common names like brindle berry, garcinia, gambooge and others.

It is a small fruit that looks like a pumpkin, and is indigenous to Southeast Asia and India. It has been touted to have awesome results for people who want to lose weight.

It’s not very popular in the West, but Asians have been using it for a long time for the health benefits it can give.

What Does It Do?

Garcinia has come like an explosion all over the world because it causes that full feeling even after eating only a small amount of food. It’s not just for a while, but for hours.

It is the perfect appetite suppressor by raising the brain’s serotonin levels; it can help suppress the appetite. Serotonin is a powerful hormone that controls stress levels, mood and of course, appetite.

The higher your serotonin level, the lower your appetite and the cravings you have will dissipate.

It can also trigger fat burning in your body. The fat it targets is the fat that you already have, not the new fats you ingest. It also makes the liver stop creating new fat, but just keeps burning the existing amount you have.

Citrate Lyase, the enzyme that turns excess carbohydrates into fat is inhibited by garcinia cambogia, so it burns your extra carbohydrates.

Tests have proven that you lose weight more effectively 2-3 more times than other diet supplements and at a quicker rate.

How Is It Used?

There are many powders, extracts, capsules, tablets and it is even incorporated into snack bars. They are usually standardized, and have a fixed amount of garcinia cambogia, from 300 to 500 milligrams.

You can take the tablets thrice a day with water, half an hour before eating meals.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Until now, there are no known side effects for using it, and only positive results have shown. There is still a warning tag on it, though.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or having any dementia syndromes like Alzheimer, then this is not a suitable addition to your diet. It also has adverse effects in conjunction with other medication, so make sure you talk to your doctor before trying it out.

As always, your health matters most, so be careful. Getting a doctor’s advice before doing anything can help you not make mistakes. Stay healthy and safe.

The Relationship of Testosterone and Your Weight

You may be a few pounds short of the weight you want, and you might have a bit of trouble zipping up your pants for work in the morning, but this isn’t something you should ignore.

It is actually a risky thing to have those extra pounds, particularly in the belly. One of reasons for significant effects on weight gain and loss is the hormones.

They may be the reason why it’s so difficult to gain or lose weight.

  • Testosterone is a hormone helps to control many body functions and systems in men. This includes red blood cell production, sexual function, bone density, muscle mass and muscle strength and fat distribution. Those men who have a lower level of testosterone due to endocrine problems or age put on more weight and have problems in losing the extra weight they have. They may need to see a doctor to have their testosterone level checked.
  • overweightA study conducted on men aged twenty to sixty who were obese, showed they had very high insulin levels and lower testosterone levels compared to overweight or men with normal weight. Despite the differences in age, it showed the same thing in all men, showing that fat has a greater effect than age on testosterone levels.
  • Fasting periods of less than twenty four hours has an effect on male testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone were seen in young men who had skipped a single evening meal. If you seriously reduce your food intake for losing weight, it may have a negative effect on your testosterone levels.
  • Obese men who lose weight also show an increase in testosterone levels. They put 38 middle-aged men on a very low energy diet and those who lost weight showed increases in both testosterone and HDL or “good” cholesterol. It may be difficult for men to lose weight if their testosterone levels are low, it will be easier to keep the extra pounds off because of the hormone changes that happen when they lose weight.
  • Lowered testosterone levels can be treated by using testosterone therapy. The sleep pattern changes, sexual dysfunction and weight gain that accompany this can be eliminated, as well. However, testosterone therapy also has its own side effects, like breathing problems when asleep, noncancerous prostate growth, enlarged breasts and skin conditions. There may be sperm count reduction and testicle shrinkage as well. This should only be undertaken under a doctor’s supervision and with great care.

Testosterone as seen above plays a great role in the gaining and losing of weight. Exercise, eat small, healthy meals, and see your doctor.

Men more often than not prefer not to see a doctor because they don’t want to know what’s going on inside their bodies. They’d rather wait until they really can’t take the problem anymore before taking the action.

It is better to see the problem first and do something about it, rather than see it full-blown and nothing can be done.

Tips on Colon Cleansing Foods

It is necessary to understand that healthy cleansing of your colon is necessary so that regular flushing of toxins will be done.

It is also possible that due to the cleansing itself, you will likely prevent kidney infections, constipation, vaginal yeast infections, body odor, and even abdominal cramps.

Do you know that those are signs you are being called for colon cleanse? It is also stated that some disease start with the colon. This is supported by the fact that colon is the station for waste management system.

In that case, in order to assure that you will get the best colon cleansing measure, you have to conclude that using dietary foods is necessary, which is way safer and more natural.

In order to provide you information regarding this, here are natural tips for colon cleansing using foods:

  • Whole Grains are Better

Whole GrainsIt is much better to use whole grains in order to assure that you will get rid of the debris accumulated in your colon.

It is possible that your colon gets all sorts of toxic materials, which may be difficult to cleanse in a single bowel movement.

With whole grains, you would definitely detoxify your colon effectively. You can select oatmeal, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, and brown rice. Furthermore, you can simply snack on rice cakes, peanuts, and sunflower seeds that are necessary in providing you B vitamins and protein.

  • Green On The Go

Green foods are better to keep your diet free from toxins. The best choices of greens are peas, spinach, cabbage, and even lettuce.

The green veggies help in providing you nutrients and they are better alternatives if you did not consume enough fiber in your body.

You have the choice to have an occasional spoonful of spirulina, which sweeps away toxins from your intestines.

Spirulina helps in assisting your compromised tissue repair and getting enough chlorophyll content. Plus, you have the option to try out barley soups or just barley to keep your digestive tract and intestines working well.

  • Fruits are the Best

Try out an apple a day and you will keep your colon healthy. Furthermore, you have options like grapes and other fruits, which are water-based, such as melons.

The said fruits help in removing cancer causing toxins and parasites present in your body. If you want an alternative, you can try out potatoes as well.

  • Water is Vital

Water has always been recommended for any type of treatment. It helps in cleansing the colon naturally and be reminded to drink 64 ounces of water every day.

With water, you can even ward off constipation and keep your digestive system working.

  • Juices are Also Options

There are also juices that help you have a healthy intestinal and colon health.

The natural fruit juices bather the entire body with necessary vitamins or nutrients, which will result to sweeping of excess fecal matter in your body.

Moreover, with juices, you will dominate the elimination of unnecessary wastes in your body.

The Relationship of Fat Burners and Older Women

Pop a pill and you’ll lose weight! That’s the kind of fat burner advertisement you should watch out for. Fat burners are not any magical medicine that you can take to simply lost weight fast.

You still need to exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Do not believe what those weight trainers say on TV – they are paid to say those things, and basically, they are very healthy because they know the perfect food that suits them.

Fat burners can cause a lot of negative side effects in people, particularly on older women if you do not understand fully what fat burners are for.

Side Effects of Fat Burners On Older Women

  • If you have a blood pressure problem, get away from fat burners, since they usually work by heating your body. The rapid metabolism increase lets you burn fat to speed up losing weight. However, ephedrine, one of the components of fat burners has side effects like increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. This can increase your risk of decreased circulation.
  • insomnia in older womenIncreased metabolism and heart rate caused by fat burners can also give you insomnia because they have ephedrine or caffeine. Your sleep pattern may change or you will get the jitters, so the extra fatigue can weaken your body and affect your immune system. You’ll be more susceptible to the common cold.
  • Emotions and the brain will also be affected negatively by taking fat burners. Ephedrine causes anxiety, aggressive behavior, nervousness and mood swings. The worst case scenario might be harming yourself or others close to you once the side effects are heightened.
  • Dehydration, especially in the summer season or performing a particularly difficult workout can become a dangerous condition. Caffeine and ephedrine fat burners cause dehydration in order to accelerate losing weight. It can cause headaches, and if worst comes to worse, collapse, particularly after an intensive workout.
  • Cramps, constipation and diarrhea are also possible when you take fat burners. They can mess up the digestive system and inability to use up the food we eat properly can cause problems in terms of nutrition.
  • If you have allergies, be sure to read all the fine print on the label. Fat burners tend to have exotic ingredients that you may not know about. Check with your doctor before taking any products, because your allergies may not just be rashes this time.
  • Since fat burners are more often than not, without the stamp of approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration, you have to be very careful if you really want to try them. Fat burners which have epinephrine were banned by the FDA in 2003 due to the death of a popular athlete being linked to taking them.

As we get older, we need to become more careful with our bodies. It’s not just what’s outside that is important.

What’s inside makes the outside beautiful, so stay safe. Don’t take any chances with your body. Consult with your doctor if you are in doubt.

Anwers About Negative Issues on Rasberry Ketone Revealed

Don’t immediately jump on the raspberry ketone bandwagon just because many people are praising its dramatic effect on those who have been dealing with weight loss problems.

Just because they work on other people doesn’t mean it they will work on you as well. Before you do anything, get to know the details first.

What Is Raspberry Ketone?

red raspberryWith all the scientific explanation aside, raspberry ketone is the chemical compound that gives the red raspberry its trademark smell. They were used in perfume and food manufacture, but currently it’s being marketed as a supplement.

Now being trumpeted all over the world as the newest miracle drug for weight loss, manufacturers are saying that raspberry ketone helps you lose more weight by letting your body break down fat in a more efficient manner.

Don’t go running off to get it yet.

Is There Proof In The Effectiveness Of Raspberry Ketone?

Yes, it is effective on animals. It was never been tested on humans in scientific studies. Yes. This is true.

However, if you’re part of the mouse family, then you’ll be interested to know that there was one study that gave male rats raspberry ketone, which made them secrete adiponectin in higher levels.

This is a hormone that helps the body break down fat, and they didn’t gain weight. Another experiment on rats showed that despite being given a high fat diet, raspberry ketone helped them burn fat and yes, helped them not get tubby.

The last one showed fat cells in a test tube that were exposed to raspberry ketones stimulated fat cell breakdown.

Consider that this is only the very beginning of research on raspberry ketone, and it will be better if it were tested on humans, since that’s what we are.

What About The Media Hype?

As seen above, move away from the media hype. It’s not worth it; simply use the clicker to switch to a different channel. There is no evidence to back up whatever claim they make, and dosage amounts and safety levels have not yet been tested.

Weight loss gurus and celebrity trainers keep promoting raspberry ketones as 100% safe for everyone, but they don’t have that sort of status from the US Food and Drug Administration. Yes, they are used as food flavorings in small amounts, but supplements have higher dosages.

There have been no conclusive evidence as to whether raspberry ketone is safe; however, many experts believe it does have certain fat burning properties because they affect norepinephrine, a hormone that has a big role in our fight or flight response.

Blood pressure increases and the heart harder because of the said hormone when we are in stressful situations.

If you are healthy, maybe you’d like to try it, but it’s better to go to a doctor first, especially if you have other health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The safest way to make sure that you will be fine, is to ask an expert about it.

Effect of Garcinia Cambogia That You Need To Know

One of the secrets of weight loss from Asia has finally been unveiled in the West. This is long-hidden and very effective use of Garcinia Cambogia.

Not a lot of people know about it yet, but tests have proven that there are no adverse side effects to using it and with minimum effort you can lose those troublesome pounds.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Help With Weight Loss?

The first thing it does is raise your serotonin level. High levels of serotonin can act as an appetite suppressant.

This means, with only a minimal amount of food, you will feel full for many hours after eating. Your cravings which are normally caused by stress will also be alleviated.

Second, it stimulates your liver to start burning your fat deposits. What is there gets used as energy, so you lose weight fast.

It doesn’t mind the new fats you eat, but focuses on what fat already exists in your body, so you will see distinct results. It is known to be 2-3 times more effective than other fat burners.

Does It Have Other Effects On The Body?

Yes, it does have other effects in the body and all of them beneficial.

Have a look at the list of great things that garcinia cambogia can help you with.

  • Improves Brain Function – memory and concentration are enhanced when you take garciniacambogia because it helps improve the circulation of the blood. It means more nutrients can reach the brain at a faster rate. It also helps raise energy levels which improves efficiency and speed of not just the body, but the brain as well.
  • garcinia cambogia supplementAids Digestion – many of those who are taking garcinia cambogia supplements have said that bowel movement becomes regular and digestion efficiency improves. In addition to that, stomach ulcers are prevented from forming.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Blood Pressure – cholesterol and blood pressure have a very definitive effect on obesity and being overweight. Once people lose weight, the level of these two also lower. Garciniacambogia users also report that after their use is over, their cholesterol and blood pressure have improved much.
  • Mood Enhancer – as with appetite suppression, serotonin also controls our moods. Garciniacambogia users have experienced mood improvement with continued use. Energy levels also rise and the immune system becomes more efficient. This is because garciniacambogia is full of very powerful antioxidants which can eliminate viruses and bacteria and many other free radicals from our bodies. Overall health will be improved, and we can fight off sickness better.

Are there any side effects?

No reports of side effects have been announced by scientists who have done extensive tests on garcinia cambogia at all.

However if you are lactating or pregnant or have a tendency for dementia syndromes, do not use this health supplement.

Talk to your doctor if garcinia cambogia is good for you. It is better to get expert advice before doing anything that might put you in danger.

Simple Weight Loss Tips for Men

Weight loss can be difficult to attain for some men who have a very sedentary lifestyle or for those who are workaholics.

If you drink a lot of alcohol while you chow down on a lot of junk, this may increase the difficulty of getting your weight down to normal. Let’s take a look at some ways you can lose the flab and have that sexy six-pack you’ve always wanted.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Goal

You need to have a reachable goal and if you want to know your BMI now, divide your weight (kilograms) by your height (meters) and square.

If you have higher percentages of muscle, then your BMI may be higher than this, but you are not fat. Measure your waist to see if you really do need to lose weight or not.

waist circumferencePlace the tape measure just above your hip bone to see your true waist circumference. If you measure 37 inches, then you have an increased risk of health problems. If it reaches 40, then you are at a really high risk.

If you can get your body fat percentage measured, it will also let you know if you need to work on losing weight. If you are twenty to thirty-nine years old, you should have an 8-20% body fat; if you are 40-59, 11-22&%.

If you’re older than that, then you should have 13-25%. You can go to most gyms to have your body fat percentage measured since they have the equipment for it.

Don’t Go On a Diet If You Don’t Like It

You can just adjust your food intake and the kind of food you eat. If you like to eat meat, pair it with a salad. You can also lessen the size of the portions.

It’s also better to eat five to six small meals a day. This will not make you crave any fattening snacks, and keep carrot sticks in the refrigerator. If you can also hold a little bit of the toppings for your next pizza, you’ll do fine.

You may ask your close friend who knows you very well, and they won’t hesitate to tell you if you have lost or gained weight most of the time. If they tell you you’ve gained, then maybe it’s time to think about losing weight.

Ask Your Partner For Help

Your most important person will only be too happy to do as much as she can for you. More than likely, the two of you can come up with healthier meal plans and smaller portions of servings.

Eat Fewer Takeouts

Eat smaller portions of the takeouts, and go for chicken rather than pork. Choose the boiled rice rather than fried rice, and 4 egg rolls rather than eight.

Don’t wait for health problems to show up before you start losing weight. If you make an effort to do something, then you will have more confidence in yourself, and can spend more time with your partner, your friends and family.

The Top Drink Recipes For Your Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing is a necessary method that must be done occasionally in order to prepare your body in getting rid of wastes and all sorts of materials present in your colon.

Bear in mind that without prior cleansing of your colon, you may suffer from a lot of conditions or disease.

The development of diseases occurs when the toxins or unnecessary materials in your colon stay for long. Plus, it is reported that with colon cleansing, you will also detoxify your body.

There are various ways for you to cleanse your colon. You have ways to eat a healthy dose of foods and drink necessary drinks for detoxification.

Moreover, you have the option to drink supplements, which will likely promote detoxification in your colon for a certain period.

However, in order to stay on the safe side, there is nothing better than settling with the natural options first, such as these top drink recipes for colon cleansing:

  • Vegetable Juice

Vegetable JuiceDrinking extracts of vegetables is a very wise choice in order to cleanse your colon. Before you start preparing the juice, you need a nice juice to get enough extracts from the veggies.

However, be prepared that the taste of the juices may not be desirable as expected. You could try out celery, broccoli, fennel, lettuce, bitter gourd, or even carrots. The blend of the veggies may be added with pineapple or orange to make the drink pleasant to consume.

  • Water

This is a cost-effective and healthy drink. You should at least drink 64 ounces of water every day. This drink does not need any additions or preparation. It will keep your digestive tract running smoothly.

Moreover, it wards off dehydration, hard stool, and constipation. However, if you want to add up good addition to water, you can add up fiber-rich powders to keep your digestive working regularly.

  • Salt-Water Flush

This is a recipe that helps flush out the toxins from your colon. It is best to drink during the morning and taken on an empty stomach.

The recipe includes 1 to 2 quarts of water and 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt. With this recipe, expect a set if loose stools. It is also expected that you will access the bathroom for at least a number of hours.

  • Psyllium and Bentonite Clay Drink

This is known as the P & B shake. This is a recipe that effectively cleanses the system. The only method of preparing this is by mixing bentonite and psyllium husks with juice or water.

  • Master Cleanser

This is a cleanser that promotes colon cleansing with a concoction of special lemonade. You just have to mix grade B maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (grounded) and 10 oz of pure drinking water.

The above drinks are the simplest solutions for your colon cleansing. They are easily prepared and are made in order to comply with your needs of better waste transport out from your body along with toxins, waste materials, and even fecal matter.

Furthermore, they promote better digestive and colon health.