How to sow grass seed in a successful way?

How to sow grass seed in a successful way? Well, let’s be clear immediately: for the best results, lawn seed should be sown in spring or early autumn (September to mid October). However, there’s one more important question: how to sow grass seed? You’ll find the answer in this article.

Spread the seed evenly onto the lawn

First of all, use the cheapest bag for grass speed possible and pour a good amount into the bag. I then make sure the bag is well stuffed and then fill the lawn with it. Then use a lawn spreader to gently spread the seed. Put the spreader on its highest setting and then turn it and then make sure it is spread evenly onto the lawn. Also use lawn feed, such as a Nitrogen fertilizer, to create a perfect green lawn.

Use cheap blades

Also use the cheapest blades you can find for the lawn spreader and then fill the lawn with grass seed. The lawn spreader should be set to its highest setting. Then turn it and make sure the blades are working well. Subsequently, urn the spreader and carefully spread the seed. Do this until you have the lawn as full of grass seeds as possible, whilst ensuring it’s also lightly sprinkled with water. And, last but not least, set the spreader, make sure it is working well and water the lawn lightly.

Fertilize lightly

Always fertilize lightly. To do so, use the cheapest form of fertilizer you can and then fill the lawn with grass seeds. It’s actually quite a job to see that the lawn gets watered. It’s possible though, if you know exactly what to do. Water from the top and the sides. Then spray the lawn with a hose using the lowest setting and water lightly. If you choose not to have a sprinkler system in your lawn, then you can also spray the lawn lightly. Just take your time and be careful.

Don’t fertilize too much

Don’t fertilize too much. If you do, the lawn will die and the seeds will not germinate. That would be a shame. There are many alternatives to the garden soil that are not usually used in seed germination, i.e. grass seed, pot chip, peat and potting compost. If you decide to use cheaper soil, then choose of these alternatives. We wish you the best of luck with sowing grass seed, with the right lawn feed!

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