Garcinia Cambogia: Magical Plant To Help With Weight Loss

There’s a new weight loss medication on the market and everyone’s raring to try it. However you have to be a little bit skeptical and suspicious about it before going to a pharmacy to buy and pop it.

There are many things that are dangerous these days but marketed as good stuff just so the manufacturers can earn money. So let’s talk a bit more about Garcinia Cambodia, the plant extract that they say is very effective in helping us lose weight.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambodia?

garcinia cambogiaThe botanical name of this plant is garcinia cambogia or garcinia gummi-gutta, and goes by many common names like brindle berry, garcinia, gambooge and others.

It is a small fruit that looks like a pumpkin, and is indigenous to Southeast Asia and India. It has been touted to have awesome results for people who want to lose weight.

It’s not very popular in the West, but Asians have been using it for a long time for the health benefits it can give.

What Does It Do?

Garcinia has come like an explosion all over the world because it causes that full feeling even after eating only a small amount of food. It’s not just for a while, but for hours.

It is the perfect appetite suppressor by raising the brain’s serotonin levels; it can help suppress the appetite. Serotonin is a powerful hormone that controls stress levels, mood and of course, appetite.

The higher your serotonin level, the lower your appetite and the cravings you have will dissipate.

It can also trigger fat burning in your body. The fat it targets is the fat that you already have, not the new fats you ingest. It also makes the liver stop creating new fat, but just keeps burning the existing amount you have.

Citrate Lyase, the enzyme that turns excess carbohydrates into fat is inhibited by garcinia cambogia, so it burns your extra carbohydrates.

Tests have proven that you lose weight more effectively 2-3 more times than other diet supplements and at a quicker rate.

How Is It Used?

There are many powders, extracts, capsules, tablets and it is even incorporated into snack bars. They are usually standardized, and have a fixed amount of garcinia cambogia, from 300 to 500 milligrams.

You can take the tablets thrice a day with water, half an hour before eating meals.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Until now, there are no known side effects for using it, and only positive results have shown. There is still a warning tag on it, though.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or having any dementia syndromes like Alzheimer, then this is not a suitable addition to your diet. It also has adverse effects in conjunction with other medication, so make sure you talk to your doctor before trying it out.

As always, your health matters most, so be careful. Getting a doctor’s advice before doing anything can help you not make mistakes. Stay healthy and safe.

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